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Like all Purebred Dogs , and Dogs in general , Poms do have some hereditary health problems. The following have been noted in the breed. Some of these problems are more common than others. NO breeder can predict which health problem may occur. Both parent's may be clear of a problem but because the combination of pedigree's problems pop up due to unknown recessive genes.

A good breeder tries to promote a healthy Pom . A Pom with a hereditary problem should be taken out of a breeding program. Unfortunately, some hereditary problems do not occur until a dog is 3 or 4 years of age of which they have usually been bred. Seizures are a prime example. Seizure 's are considered hereditary when the dog becomes afflicted between the ages of 2 to 5.

When purchasing a Pom please find a breeder who is willing to stand behind their dogs should any hereditary genetic problem a rise. A guarantee in writing is in your best interest.

This is what has been found in Poms but not what they are necessarily noted for:

Life threatening:
Seizures (considered life threatening because usually those that start under a year of age cannot be controlled) 
Heart problems (most heart conditions cannot be "found" until the dog is afflicted) 
Hydrocephlic/ Open fontenalle
Liver Shunts
Collapsing trachea - depending on the severity this can lead to suffocation 
Patent ductus arteriosus
Hypoplasia of Dens 

Non life threatening:
Spondelosis - 
PRA - causes blindness
Nasolacrimal Puncta Atresia
Persistant Pupilary Membrane
Glycogen Storage Disease
Hip Dysplasia
Elongated Soft Palate
Cleft Palate

Hypoglycemia - This is a YOUNG dogs disorder and is usually associated with puppies. If an older dog has this problem then one should also be looking at other causes - diabete 's , kidneys , liver etc. The dog isn't maintaining it's suger level correctly and I would say has some other underlying cause.

Kidney/bladders stones are possible in all breeds it's not a breed specific problem in poms. Some are treatable but there are dogs that get this that is just a chronic problem...again the dog may have some other metabolic problem going on that is causing them to keep developing this problem.

Black Skin Disease , aka..SHL, Alopecia, etc...this has become more common in Poms in recent years. The condition causes severe coat loss usually around the back half of the dog. Sometimes the skin will turn black due to exposure to the sun. Some with this condition will also have low thyroid. The cause is still unknown and any dog with this problem should be removed immediately from a breeding program.
Barbie has a loving pet home and has been spayed since she was 9 months old. She weighs just 3 pounds 2 oz. She started losing her hair at 3 1/2. She is now 7. Coatloss can happen to any dog it's not limited to a certain color or sex and there is no way to test for it. Barbie has been fed all RAW diet her whole life and has had minimal vacinations and has a natural path vet. She is on lots of herbs to see if her coat will come back.
Barbie as a baby. Barbie as she started losing her coat.
Barbie as an adult. Barbie's back as an adult.


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